Mighty Morphin’ Mom Bod

Mighty Morphin’ Mom Bod


Over the past 3 years my body has gone through so many changes. This is a very common theme for woman in general but here I have my brief synopsis of the morphin highs and lows of a skinny gal like me. 

Being small isn’t all fun and sexy...trust me!

It’s an emotional roller coaster. 

From one day feeling awesome about that additional 4 pounds you needed to really fill out jeans; or even leggings! To a week later feeling the spaces and gaps you once filled out; to 3 weeks later having to put that same pair of jeans in the “one day they’ll fit” pile. It’s really quite frustrating.

To add on to that there’s a slight gilt associated with not being happy with our size as small people. 

With comments like:

“how are you so small after a baby!??!”

-girl you think I want to be this small?👀

“Let me give you some of these thighs!”

 -if only you knew I wish I could girl. 👀😞

“ You can wear whatever you want! Look at how tiny you are.”

-ughhh...actually there is a laundry list of things that aren’t very flattering because of my size...👀

“You should be happy you don’t have to wear a bra.”

-Umm how about I would love the lady like right of passage of wearing a bra. The itty bitty titty committee isn’t all fun and games miss. It comes with a whole lot of self-esteem checking and beauty boosting from the inside out girl. Put yourself in my position. Once having cute supple breast to pretty much nothing at all....come on mannnnn.

Yes I am so happy I was able to give my little one the nutrients and sustanance he needed but he literally sucked momma dry OKAY! 

 Coming back from a few beach excursions and pool parties I had all kinds of thoughts bouncing around my brain around my size but ultimately I remain grateful. Grateful for my health, grateful for the assets I DO have and grateful for assets to come. As woman we have to remember we are transformers in our own right. Constantly changing both inside and out. As long as we nurture ourselves from within we can continue to show up and show out! 

Let’s fill these rooms together in full bodied confidence 

And when in doubt transform for just a moment; try the mood on....test it out and do a little shimmy in it. 


This discussion shall be continued...


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